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Crime Scene Cleaning Near Me

Cleanup after a Crime 

When your property becomes a scene of crime, it can be a difficult time for you and your loved ones. While you are wondering about what you should or should not do, you need to understand that crime scene cleaning is inherently a dangerous task and should best be left with the professionals. 

Reasons to Choose Bio Busters 

As much as crime scene cleanup is a demanding work, we know that it is more than a house that we clean; it is your home. Bio Busters offers comprehensive crime scene cleanup services to families, businesses and communities nationwide. We clean with care and respect, and our work is never rushed or reckless. Our fully-insured and well-trained professionals are certified and experienced to handle more than just crime scene cleanup. We provide a complete hazardous waste cleanup, removal and decontamination service with the greatest empathy in the face of trying circumstances. Our foremost focus is always your safety, comfort and peace of mind. 

Experienced and Professional Crime Scene Cleaners 

Our mission is to help victims of crime rebuild their lives. We are fully committed to the job we do and the families we serve. As the nation’s premier crime scene cleanup company, Bio Busters promises to get your property and life back to normal faster. In the case of crime and traumatic situations, we also assist you with the insurance claims, facilitating the speedy settlement of your claim and making the overall process easier and less stressful. 

Forensic Cleaning Services Brisbane - Bio Busters

Forensic Cleaning Services Brisbane

Our Purpose

Forensics cleaning is a procedure intended to safely remove and dispose of harmful biological materials which are often left behind at a crime or trauma scene. Forensics cleaning is a necessary evil whose purpose is to eliminate the risk of the transmission of dangerous pathogens, infections and diseases following a crime, and restore the premises to a livable condition. 

Hazardous Waste Cleanup Experts

An unexpected death, a violent criminal activity or a traumatic accident are distressing and emotionally-taxing times for the victim’s family. In their bereavement, many people do not realize that such scenes can actually be quite hazardous and a risk to their health and welfare. If you attempt to cleanse the crime scene yourself, not only will it be a difficult task for you, but it can also be downright dangerous. Such state of affairs should only be handled by trained specialists who are experienced in hazardous waste cleanup and disposal. 

You Have Our Support

Bio Busters’ qualified and in-house trained professionals work with a systematic approach while ensuring the safety of the residents, families, employers and their employees. We cleanse, disinfect and sanitize the contaminated area to a level where it exceeds the hospital-grade sanitation standards. Our forensics cleaning technicians provide affordable, timely and efficient forensics cleaning and biohazard waste removal services on a schedule and plan that work for you. We use the latest technology to decontaminate affected areas within the shortest span of time, ensuring the least disruption to your home life or business activities. 

Trauma Cleaning Company Brisbane - Bio Busters

Trauma Cleaning Company Brisbane

Crime and Trauma Scenes 

Most of us know traumatic death and accidents from television only. We see police officers, crime-scene investigators and paramedics swarming the scene of a violent incident – checking the victim, questioning witnesses and collecting evidence. What we seldom see on TV is what happens after the scene has been recorded and the body finally removed. One thing that the law enforcers do not do is cleanup.

With all these professionals gone, the family of the deceased is left with the prospect of living, if only temporarily, with the scene of the crime. It is the responsibility of the victim’s family to remove the evidence and clean the property after the incident – a terrible task for those who are already in shock and mourning. This is where we come in! 

Delicate Situations Dealt with Professionally 

Trauma cleaning is a highly specialized area to work in. No two jobs are the same. Bio Busters is a business dedicated to providing a discreet and immaculate trauma cleaning service for your home and business. We offer a compassionate and respectful clean up service, responding efficiently and quickly to each client’s individual needs and delicate situation.

As the leading trauma cleaning specialists in Brisbane, our services cover many areas including:

  • Animal accidents and death;
  • General waste removal services;
  • Trauma and crime scene cleanup;
  • Squat clearance, needle sweeps and probate cleaning;
  • Cleanup after unexpected death, murder, suicide and decomposition. 

Harnessing years of experience and expertise in the industry, we deliver the highest quality trauma cleaning solutions with utmost professionalism and dedication. We do our best to solve your problems – clearing and cleaning traumatic scenes and hazardous properties with a quick, personal and confidential cleaning service to ensure the safety of those who live in and use the affected premises. 

Crime Scene Cleaning Company Brisbane - Bio Busters certified Bio Waste removal group

Crime Scene Cleaning Company Brisbane

The Importance of Proper Crime Scene Cleanup

Blood splattered everywhere! Smears of it on the doorknob, stains on the floor – the presence of bodily fluids are just some of the things present at a crime scene and if such biohazard contaminants are left unattended, they pose a serious threat to people’s health and wellbeing. 

Unprofessional cleanup after a crime, especially when it involves a significant amount of blood spill, can lead to bacteria growth, insect and rodent infestation and spread of infection, not to mention pervasive decomposition odors. Following strict protocols with proper precautions is necessary to remove these potentially dangerous substances from your property and eliminate all imminent health risks involved. 

Trusted Leaders in Crime Scene Cleanup

As experts in crime scene cleaning and waste removal, we specialize in delivering a step-by-step solution that meets all local and national health department standards in Australia.

The Bio Busters team is licensed, experienced and well-equipped to handle comprehensive cleanup for the following crime scenes:

  • Assaults
  • Murders
  • Suicides
  • Accidents
  • Homicides
  • Unattended deaths
  • Disease contamination

The Process: Restoring Your Property to Its Previous State

Before the clean-up begins, the Bio Busters technicians establish 3 zones: (1) the first being the control where the scene happened; (2) the second is the zone where the protective gear is put on; (3) the third is where the actual cleaning takes place.

Complete disinfection by our experts revolves around 5 critical steps:

  • The removal of the blood, bodily fluids and residue;
  • The removal of carpet, dirt and dust for the preparation of disinfection;
  • The complete and thorough disinfection of the area of the crime;
  • The complete and thorough disinfection of the pathway around and out of the home;
  • The disinfection of all the equipment with the proper disposal of the hazardous material.
Bio Cleaners Brisbane - Disinfecting Service

Bio Cleaners Brisbane

Why is Proper Bio Cleanup So Important?

Bio Busters offers a deep and professional bio-cleaning service for properties in Brisbane following contamination. Our experts specialize in removing biohazards and chemical wastes and sanitizing both domestic and commercial buildings. When we think of crime or trauma scenes, we tend to picture an automobile accident or a convenience store robbery. But there can be an infinite number and types of crime scenes, and some of them might involve particularly shocking details. A professional bio-cleaning team is required in cases like these in order to contain the spread of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants that may endanger your and your families’ wellbeing. 

Our Professional Biohazard Team

Each biohazard cleanup calls for a unique set of expertise, equipment and tools to ensure maximum cleanliness, safety and process efficiency. Our cleanup teams follow all necessary protocols while conducting these cleanup jobs, including wearing personal protective gear, filtered respirators, gloves and special one-time-use suits. In order to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the affected area, the team uses hospital-grade disinfectants, chemical treatment tanks, steam-injection systems and biohazard waste containers. 

Expert Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration Services in Brisbane 

Many homes and commercial buildings in Brisbane have suffered from biological waste from time to time. Biohazard is hardly ever a typical cleanup or restoration scene. This is why you need experts to tackle the problem. Bio Busters provides a professional and reliable biohazard cleanup in Brisbane that meets all applicable local and national standards and regulations. 

Biohazard Cleaners Near Me - Bio Busters

BioHazard Cleaners Near Me

Specialized Decontamination Treatments

Bio Busters was formed in the year 2019 as a group of trauma specialists came together to raise the standard of professionalism in the industry and deliver dependable solutions to customers facing difficult situations. We are the largest professional biohazard cleaners and decontamination service providers delivering anti-bacterial, anti-viral sanitization and infection-control services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

Total Incident Management 

We are committed to help our customers deal with a wide range of biohazard, chemical and trauma scene cleanups and subsequent disposal process for any eventuality. We swiftly cleanse and purify the scene, returning your property for general, private or public use within the shortest span of time. After carrying out decontamination, we safely remove and dispose of the biohazard waste in a legally and environmentally compliant manner to ensure all appropriate protocols are followed. Afterwards, proper sanitization and sterilization are carried out to ensure maximum safety and security. 

Biohazard Remediation Near You

Sensitive crime scene situations and chemical biohazard exposure impose various risks and this prompts their handling by only the most professional of cleaning companies. Our biohazard cleaning specialists are fully trained and experienced in providing rapid, responsible and comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting services and they are available for all kinds of emergencies in Brisbane. Our innovative and discreet cleaning solutions help to restore the exposed environment back to normality after any distressing state of affairs near you. As certified waste carriers, we will also assist you in removing and disposing of all hazardous materials from site. 

Professional Crime Scene Forensic Trauma Scene Cleanup Brisbane - Bio Busters

Professional Crime Scene Forensic Trauma Scene Cleanup Brisbane

Our professional services will protect you and your home on priority basis. In case of victimization, the health and safety of your household is the foremost concern, so one of the first things that we need to do is to remove the bio hazards from the property so that it can be fit for living again. We also move as quickly as possible so if there are any signs or indicators left of the crime, they will be removed immediately, making it easier for you to move in.

Our certified, experienced and skilled technicians are fully-trained and updated with the latest industry trends and techniques and eager to uphold the highest level of performance to ensure your inner peace. This makes us the best professionals to deal with any situation, including dealing with blood-borne pathogens and viral infections by utilizing the sanitizing methods that are required to disinfect the area from recognized biohazard.

Our services include, but are not limited to, cleanup for:

  • Murders;
  • Suicides;
  • Decompositions;
  • Industrial accidents;
  • Crimes and accidents;

Though we are available 24 hours 7 days a week, we recognize that the times in which our services are required are usually unpleasant and may even be tragic. It is for this reason that we want to help a grieving family by dealing quickly, compassionately and effectively with crime scene cleanup. We are happy to work with an agent (a friend or family member) so the family may not be directly involved in the procedure during this mourning time.

Benefits Of Using-Crime Scene Cleaners - Bio Waste Removal Company

Benefits Of using Crime Scene Cleaners

Why do you need crime scene cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup is not an easy task, and definitely not for the faint of heart. If done too hastily and without pre-defined SOPs, someone’s health could be at risk.  But if the remnants of the crime are left in place for too long, there is even a greater risk of spreading the contamination or causing more severe damage to the property. 

It is a common misperception that rapid response teams or emergency services will be able to organize the cleanup of a traumatic incident or a crime scene once they have carried out their regular procedures, but this is grossly erroneous. It is the responsibility of the owner and insurance underwriter to organize the proper cleanup of blood or any other hazardous body fluid from the crime scene following the investigation. Plus, it should not be carried out by your regular cleaning or janitorial staff unless they have been properly trained and equipped to handle bio-hazardous waste – disposal of which is highly regulated by authorities.

You May Need Crime Scene Cleanup to:

Avoid Obstruction of the Investigation

When your home or office building has become a crime site, it can be difficult to know what you should and should not do. Professional crime scene cleaners have the answers to these important questions. They will readily coordinate with the concerned authorities and would not leave the site until the scene has been released. 

Prevention of Contamination

Crime scene cleanup is inherently dangerous work. Professional cleaners must undergo rigorous training. They learn how to use personal protection equipment properly, and they must follow strict protocols during each job. These precautions are necessary to protect themselves and the people who will be in the area afterward. Crimes can leave behind all sorts of residue, and failing to clean up these substances adequately can expose the cleaner to health risks.

Reduction of Structural Damage

Proper crime scene cleanup must take place as soon as possible right after the police finishes with their investigation of the scene. If residue and fluids are neglected, the building itself can sustain further damage. Bodily fluids absorb into wood, drywall, carpet or even sub-floor where they can remain hidden, sometimes allowing toxic black mold to proliferate. With professional cleaning, these risks can easily be avoided.